Coaching from Dr. Lori

Hi, my name is Dr. Lori and I'm here to help you in breaking through your weight loss frustration and achieving success. My process of helping you begins with how you think and then moving into different strategies that make up successful weight loss. This includes accountability. For more information, go to my coaching site... Click Here

Professional Speaking & Workshops

As an expert in the field of health, weight loss and nutrition, I've been able to present at many summits and other speaking engagements. This includes for the #140You Conference at the world famous 92Y in New York City... I'm available to speak or present at conferences, workshops or your organization...

Get ready for upcoming workshops in health and weight loss... I plan on introducing several workshops, beginning with one on FatFlammation™


Books and Courses

In addition to the workshops, I plan on providing home study courses (hardcopy and digital), books, audio and video products... These will help you achieve optimal health and weight loss.


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